HELLO. We, as the owners of the Secret Garden would like to introduce ourselves:

I am BETTINA, german, and started my carreer as a musician, but after moving to Hungary - a couple of years ago - my professional life became very colorful. One of my favorites was the "sidestep" I took to the tourism industry. My husband and I had a typesetting venture together, where we created proffesional quality books and travel guides. My hobbies are music, reading and traveling.

JÁNOS, my husband, is hungarian and, among other things, he worked as an engineer in the printing industry until our very stressfull life took a big turn and changed into the quiet and peacufull one it is today. His hobbies are fishing, snorkling and traveling.

WE BOTH like nature, sunshine and the sea. We would like to meet lots of interesting people and offer our guests here at the Secret Garden a somewhat different touristical experience.

Be our guest and have a wonderfull stay at the Secret Garden!

Bettina und Janos