When enjoying the sun gets too boring


The Secret Garden is just a quick shorewalk away from Encuentro, the best place for waves on the whole island. A hollow leftwave and a long rightwave make the beach the perfect location for many surfing and windsurfing contests.
Equipment can be rented at the beach of Enquentro, between Secret Garden and Cabarete.


Cabarete offers a number of first class surfschools. Windsurfing conditions are among the best in the world. The Passat usually gets to 4-6 Bft. around noon, and only weakens at sundown. Most windsurfers choose the 2km wide beach of Cabarete that has riffs going into the sea some 800m which create perfect waves. Wind blows sideshore from the right. There are also some secret places for the more experienced surfers.
Equipment can be rented at the beach of Cabarete.

Horseback riding

The best way to enjoy the country away from tourism! We offer rain forest touring, visiting ancient settlements and sparkling rivers and trips alongside the Caribean shoreland. Riding on the shore from Cabarete to the Secret Garden is fantastic.


You won't miss your favorite sport even while enjoying your holiday in the Dominican Republic. If you're in good condition and don't worry about the plenty of sunshine, then you can choose from 5 sandcourts in Cabarete


If you don't want to rent a car and don't fancy with the thought of using the Guagua - the typical dominican transportation vehicle - then you can always rent a bike and explore the surroundings.

Other sports

It's your choice to have an active or passive holiday with us, because the northern coast of the Dominican Republic offers something for everybody. Be it fishing, kitesurfing, golf, motocross or rafting - all these sports are interesting - or a long romantic walk on the ocean shore, a holiday at the Secret Garden offers unforgettable moments.

Diving and snorkeling

Sosua offers numerous diving schools. Most diving riffs are located between Sosua and the Secret Garden. Wrecks, underwater caves offer adventurous diving experiences. Offroad quadbikes can take you to the lesser known diving locations.